Alicia-Pyle-Quartet (APQ)

With a rhythm section, vocals, strings or horns, we jazz up anything from Miles Davis to Pharrell Williams (to name just two of our favorites), creating our own composition & style.

APQ loves a good cover, the standards from the jazz era, or a sizzling tango, but our signature sound incorporates Classical, Latin, Funk, Pop & Rock along with the best improvisational elements of Jazz & grooves from around the world.

APQ Harmonic - Fort Wayne Music

There's nothing like gathering over a dozen prominent local musicians to perform dynamic rock orchestral repertoire, fusing genres while expanding their boundaries. This 12-piece ensemble carries energy like no other group you could book for your next festival, large-scale event, or concert series. 

The late Paul O’Neill, rock producer of the band Savatage & founder of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra recognized APQH for our first public show (for the Embassy Theatre’s "Down the Line" music festival) with the gift of a TSO platinum record.

AP2 - Alicia Pyle and Derek Reeves


When the occasion (or budget) calls for just a couple musicians, APQ becomes AP2. That's Derek Reeves's name for our dynamic duo; he plays the electric violin while I'm on piano/vocals. Our collaborations go back to 2010, and you can find the two of us performing on the stage, in the park, and for various events & functions around Fort Wayne.

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APQ-Harmonic (APQH)

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APQ - ft. Derek Reeves. 

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APQ - ft. Alan Parr


APQ-Harmonic's performance for the inaugural NYE Ball Drop in Downtown Fort Wayne.