Record Store Day Documentary by Ray Steup

Every music lover has that story of first discovery, when they were left alone with a crate-full of records, or their uncle had them listen to what would be their favorite genre, or countless other variations. I’m sure plenty of those discoveries have happened over the years at Wooden Nickel. Even if you weren’t having that first encounter there, it’s where you went to continue your journey.

That’s why one of the most loved traditions in the Fort Wayne music scene, for artists and aficionados alike, is Wooden Nickel’s Record Store Day. It’s an annual celebration of both the soundtrack of the nation and the best of our local talent. Most of all, it’s a celebration of that sacred ritual of flipping through albums, discovering a favorite work as if for the first time, and taking it home to savor.

This year, documentary filmmaker Ray Steup came to Record Store Day on North Anthony, captured some great footage, and conducted some great interviews before weaving it all together into this fine film. You’ll probably recognize some of the faces.


Meanwhile out back

Meanwhile out back