HT2, the Best Local Venue You've Yet to Hear of - an Interview with Nick Ladig

For this episode of the Keepin' It Local Podcast, Alicia and I went to HT2, a cozy bar on Scott Road next to Kroger that's just brimful with character and overflowing with good vibes.

HT2 is right down the road from Alicia's parents' house, so one day she stopped in to buy a gift certificate and ended up starting a conversation with Jenn, the co-owner of the bar with her husband Nick. 

The conversation led to the idea of a Sunday Jazz Jam series, which you'll hear about in the episode. Nick tells us about how HT2 was founded as an offshoot of Hotel Tango in Indianapolis, which grew out of a partnership with his friend Travis, who began the craft distillery after serving in Iraq.

Nick and Jenn like to team up with other local artists and businesses to spread the word and get people involved. So we thought we'd lend them a hand. 

The open Jazz Jams will be on the second Sunday of every month. Check out the Facebook page for HT2, or subscribe to the PyleStyle Newsletter below to keep up to date with the latest events and bookings.  

HT2's Jazz Jammers taking a break between sets
HT2's famous bloody Mary