Renaissance Man: an Interview with Kevin Showalter, Voice Instructor and Advocate for Disabled Students

Kevin Showalter

For this episode of PyleStyle's Keepin' It Local Podcast, Alicia and I drove to the offices of The League of the Blind and Disabled to talk to Kevin Showalter. Alicia met Kevin in music school at IPFW, and he's a favorite vocalist for her rock orchestra APQ-Harmonic. (You can often hear him sitting in with APQ for a song or two at Club Soda, where I first experienced one of his performances.)

Kevin is a Youth Coordinator for The League, a role that has him advocating on behalf of disabled students as they negotiate with school administrators and teachers to set up optimal learning conditions and opportunities. When he's not helping kids, he's at the School of Rock passing on advanced singing techniques to his students. And, as we learned in the interview, Kevin also has a degree in Creative Professional Writing, where he honed the skills he plies on his new blog Modern Day Nobody
Take a listen to the podcast episode, and then head over to the PyleStyle blog From the Bandstand to read the post Kevin contributed. It's called "One More Song." 

Kevin Showalter with the APQ-Harmonic guys