The Nudge: Interview with R&B/Pop Vocalist Jason Miller

Jason Miller - R&B/Pop Vocalist

One of the themes that recurs in nearly all our interviews with musicians is the tension between family and professional life on the one hand and following your passion on the other. If you're lucky, your passion is your profession--but even in that case there are certain unavoidable trade-offs. 

Jason Miller is unique, though, in that he experienced this tension just when he was on the cusp of perhaps the highest level of professional success in the music industry, with his song "Sucker for Love" racing up the charts. In this episode of the Keepin' It Local Podcast, you'll hear about how Jason was signed with Akon, how he collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dog and 50 Cent, and how even in the midst of this dream coming to fruition he felt a tug back to his family. 

Ultimately, Jason chose to come back home and be "not just a good dad," as he says, "but a great one." But now, after nine years away, he's mounting a comeback. He's got a video for "Secrets," the first single on his upcoming album. And he'll be opening for Nelly in a concert later this month. Alicia and I talk to him about why he decided to get back into music after all this time, what it's like to return to the stage, and what he plans to do in the coming months and years. 

Jason is just an all-around charming guy with a boyish enthusiasm for music that's irresistible. We had lots of fun chatting with him. The dude has stories for days, and he's given to breaking into song at any moment, giving an impromptu demonstration of his remarkable talent, both for vocals and for composing lyrics on the spot. 

Take a listen, and then find him on Facebook. And stay tuned for his next video "Slide." 

Jason Miller with Alicia Pyle and Dennis Junk