Keepin' Em on the Dance Floor: Interview with Jon Durnell of Night to Remember and NTR Entertainment

Jon Durnell, A Night to Remember

Night to Remember has stellar reviews on both Wedding Wire and The Knot. So we thought we’d look for some inspiration from the man behind the band, Jon Durnell, who not only performs but books musicians for events, much the way we do at PyleStyle.

Jon tells the story of how he got into performing for weddings and how he started his business, NTR Entertainment. Along the way, we discuss the community spirit infusing our local scene and how Fort Wayne compares to other cities’ music markets.

The funnest part for me, though, was hearing Jon and Alicia share their thoughts on the best and most frustrating parts of performing for weddings and other events. Then they compare notes on what goes into booking musicians and helping clients have a wonderful time on what is, hopefully, the best day of their lives.

But something really interesting comes up in this interview when we turn to the topic of what distinguishes Fort Wayne from places like Nashville. I ask for the first time (of both Alicia and Jon) whether our city has its own sound—or if it’s something else that sets us apart. You’ll want to hear what they have to say.

It’s easy to see why Jon is so successful. He’s personable, engaging, charming, and funny. I’m hoping we get lots of opportunities to work with him in the future. So take a listen and enjoy. And when you’re done, head over to the NTR Entertainment website. Or check out Jon’s site for his own music.

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