Where You Never Meet a Stranger: Interview with The Charles Owners Christine Leto and Michelle Ritchie

Alicia Pyle at The Charles with Christine Leto and Michelle Ritchie

The Charles is the premier venue for weddings and other events on the northwest side of Fort Wayne (and it’s pretty cool no matter where you are around town). But Alicia and I were especially eager to talk to owners Christine Leto and Michelle Ritchie, because they’ve grown the business organically from its original incarnation as the wedding officiating service Marry Me In Fort Wayne (which lives on as The Charles’s parent company). And we like stories about small local businesses expanding and evolving to bring a unique vision to the community.

In this episode of The Keepin’ It Local Podcast, we talk to Christine and Michelle about the Event Center’s new look, what the process of booking the venue entails, what some of their favorite memories are - along with some of their biggest frustrations - and what their vision is for The Charles in the coming years.

The theme that comes through most clearly is that for both of these women, the business is not about getting dollars for services. It’s about creating wonderful experiences based on real, personal connections with the couples who seek them out. It’s about making indelible memories and lasting relationships. And both of these ladies work tirelessly to make that all happen.

Since PyleStyle Events provides music for a lot of weddings, and since we likewise strive to give our clients that personal touch, both Alicia and I found this interview particularly inspiring. It was also a lot of fun. Listen in and tell us what you think.

Then you can go visit The Charles website, which will link you to all their social media profiles as well.

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The Charles Fort Wayne