The Heart of Our Small Big City: Interview with Kelly Geiser of The Embassy Theatre

Alicia Pyle and Kelly Geiser on the Embassy Theatre’s rooftop - her favorite part of the building

Alicia and I have a real soft spot for the Embassy Theatre, because one of our earliest dates was there (and we go back to recreate the picture we took every year), and we love to see performances by the Phil and other musical acts. So we were really excited to talk to someone who actually gets to work at the Embassy every day, someone who manages precisely the type of events PyleStyle books musicians for no less.

Kelly Geiser came to the Embassy as Events Manager with a design background from A Party Apart. Now, she walks clients through the process of booking the grand historic venue for weddings, corporate parties, and other events.

We talk to Kelly about what it’s like to work in the historic building, what types of events the venue plays host to, what some of her favorite memories are, and what the vision for the future is. Finally, in honor of Halloween, we ask Kelly whether she’s seen the famous ghost reportedly haunting the building.

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Festival of Trees at the Embassy Theatre - 2016 and 2017

Festival of Trees at the Embassy Theatre - 2016 and 2017