Brass Tracks: Interview with Joe James & Summit City Brass

Summit City Brass

Well, what can we say? Sometimes, the opportunity for a great interview jumps up out of the blue. For this episode of Keepin’ It Local, Alicia and I sat down with John Forbing, Al Parr, Leah Adams, and Joe James to discuss the history of their band, Summit City Brass. We also talked about the development and upcoming release of their first album of original tunes.

There was a lot of personality packed into a tiny office, and the conversation definitely got goofy at points — in the best possible way of course. But what you may not glean from listening to everyone is just how much talent was stuffed into the room as well. So we decided to give you a little sample of Summit City Brass’s music. Listen to the story, listen to the music, and as always, let us know what you think.

When you’re done, head over to Facebook and sign up to become a Brass Cat (a member of Summit City Brass’s fan club).

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