Cranking up the Adventurousness Dial: Interview with Matt Kelley of One Lucky Guitar, The B-Side, & The Legendary Trainhoppers

Matt Kelly with Alicia Pyle in The B-Side (next to One Lucky Guitar)

As you get older, it becomes more and more difficult to find people to look up to. At PyleStyle, we gravitate toward anything or anyone near the intersection of art, business, and community-building. Well, it turns out Matt Kelley has been working at that intersection for over a decade already. And that’s why he’s one of the elite few we look to for inspiration in our own projects.

He plays mandolin for the wildly popular Legendary Trainhoppers. He’s the owner of the boutique creative agency One Lucky Guitar. And he’s had a hand in launching all kinds of local music festivals and events. Oh yeah, and One Lucky Guitar has also made some space for a unique venue called The B-Side.

We love how Matt talks in this episode about not setting any clear lines between his work and his passion projects, as well as his dissatisfaction with “making money but not making a difference.” He wants to make the compliment he sometimes gets for the events he hosts — “It didn’t feel like we were in Fort Wayne” — something you never hear anymore, a goal we at PyleStyle are delighted to help him achieve.

So, take a listen and maybe take away some inspiration too. We certainly did.

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