Embracing the New at PFW: Interview with John Fishell

John Fishell, Director of Music Technology at Purdue Fort Wayne

The music program at what's now Purdue University Fort Wayne (formerly Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, aka IPFW) is undergoing some changes. And whenever big changes are in the offing, a lot of people start wringing their hands. But change can also mean new opportunity. 

The newly christened PFW will be offering two new music degree programs this fall, one focusing on the industry and the other focusing on popular music. These programs represent Purdue's first foray into music degrees.

And one of the teachers will be our very own Alicia Pyle. 

So, Alicia and I went to the Purdue Music Center on the Sweetwater Campus to interview John Fishell, Director of Music Technology, the guy in charge of the new programs' development. In this episode, we talk with John about the changes to the university, what the new programs will encompass, John's own background in education, and his own musical projects. 

Take a listen and then head over to the PFW website to check out the programs: www.pfw.edu/music

Then check out John's personal website at www.johnfishell.com

Dennis Junk, John Fishell, and Alicia Pyle at Purdue Music Center