Master of Musical Dialect: Interview with Derek Reeves, Principal Violist for the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic

Derek Reeves Principal Violist for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic

Derek Reeves is a bit of a paradox. On the one hand, you see him everywhere. I met him early on when I first started dating Alicia, because he often performs with APQ. He and Alicia also frequently perform as a duo they call AP2. He performs with The Mimi Burns Band, along with several other ensembles. But his main gig has him serving as principal violist for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, where you'll see him tuxedoed up and performing all the time. 

Derek Reeves Principal Violist for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic

On the other hand, he can be a really difficult guy to find when you're trying to, say, record a podcast interview. It's no wonder, though. He's obviously really busy. 

Fortunately, Alicia persuaded him to sit down with us after a rehearsal APQ-Harmonic was doing for their Embassy Nights performance (this past Wednesday--a magnificent show). Derek, in addition to being epically talented, is both thoughtful and witty. He also has a surprising knack for geeking out on theory--though I suppose it's not too surprising when you consider how accomplished he is. Listen in and you'll hear why he's such a uniquely intriguing person to talk to. 

AP2: Alicia Pyle and Derek Reeves