The Highest of Natural Highs: Interview with Conductor Caleb Young

Caleb Young, Associate Conductor for Fort Wayne Philharmonic

Caleb Young embodies everything we look for in an interview: he’s a world-class talent with a fondness for Fort Wayne; he’s committed to breaking down the wall that separates musical performers from audiences; and he’s passionate about fulfilling his duty when it comes to being an ambassador and giving back to the community that supports his work. He’s even eclectic in his tastes and influences.

Caleb Young at Purdue Fort Wayne's Music Center

In this episode of The Keepin’ It Local Podcast, Alicia and I talk to Caleb about what the job of a conductor entails, how he came to serve in the position for the Fort Wayne Phil, and what he’s doing to reach new audiences. My own favorite response, however, comes when I ask him the seemingly simple question of what it’s like standing up there in front of the orchestra with the audience at your back.

The word articulate doesn’t quite capture the way Caleb speaks - he’s downright eloquent, combining a fiery passion for music with a wide-spanning knowledge of its various dialects. Having access to something like the Fort Wayne Philharmonic is a real privilege for our community, and we felt blessed to be able sit down and converse with someone so intricately involved with it.

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Caleb Young and Alicia Pyle