A Gift and a Trust: Interview with Jazz Pianist Eric Clancy

Eric Clancy

Maybe it's because he didn't study music in college but rather philosophy and history. Maybe it's that, despite being a performer - and a great one at that - he's also a bookish introvert. Or maybe it's just that he's so witty and chill. Whatever the reason, I've always found Eric Clancy to be a fascinating guy to talk to. 

Eric is one of the two guys Alicia refers to as her "jazz dads" (the other being Michael Patterson). He gigs all around Fort Wayne and beyond. He teaches piano using a variety of approaches and methods. And he's in charge of booking musicians for Club Soda, probably the most popular jazz venue in the city. So we've been looking forward to having him on The Keepin' Local Podcast since the beginning. 

He did not disappoint. One of the things that I personally found surprising was just how humble, generous, and community-minded Eric is. Alicia is almost certainly not alone in owing as much to him as she does. 

Just recently, Alicia shared an article on Facebook about the decline of music literacy and Eric took some exception to the authors argument, pointing out that some great musicians like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles didn't read music. That was my prompt to finally invite him on the podcast, and you can get more of both of their thoughts on the issue here. 

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