Dream Jobs and Damage Deposits: Interview with Jim Amstutz of The Cottage Event Center

Jim Amstutz and Alicia Pyle at The Cottage Event Center

Alicia grew up in Huntington, so she has a special place in her heart for that entire area. She performs at Two-EEs once in a while, but it’s The Cottage Event Center that really makes her feel at home — not least because so many old friends and family members always show up at her gigs there.

For this episode of Keepin’ It Local, we arrived a little early for the Toys for Tots event Alicia was playing later that night so we could talk to Jim Amstutz. Jim is one of two co-owners of The Cottage Event Center, and he’s also the guy in charge of deciding on the event lineup for each season.

In the episode, we talk about how every venue has a unique vibe. The Cottage Event Center’s vibe is homey and comfortable, which is about perfect for the holiday season. And Jim is a really kind and down-to-earth guy, with quite a few good stories in his pocket.

So take a listen and let us know what you think.

Then check out The Cottage Event Center’s website, or find them on Facebook.

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