The Perfect Wine, Music & Food Picked by the Pros: Interview with Dan and Krista Stockman - with Katy Anderson

Dan and Krista Stockman

One of our favorite themes for Keepin’ It Local is the importance of broadening your horizons once in a while. Dan and Krista Stockman help people do just that for a living — by guiding them through the heady and thrilling world of wine.

The pair gained notoriety as connoisseurs through their “Uncorked” column in the Journal Gazette. From there, they branched out and started their own business, Cheers! Wine Consultants, whose tagline is “For those who want to love wine, but don’t know how.”

Now, they’re the Pros in the fundraising event Picked by the Pros, the proceeds from which go to Northeast Indiana Public Radio. The event begins with a wine tasting, and then proceeds to a six-course dinner, with Dan and Krista standing by to help you choose a vintage. Oh yeah, and you’ll be treated to some music as well, courtesy of Alicia.

Katy Anderson

The interview actually had us broadening our own horizons, as we usually talk to musicians or event coordinators. But, as you’ll hear, we managed to bring the new topic into some familiar territory at several points. We also had the privilege of Katy Anderson joining the conversation to talk about how the event will help our local NPR affiliate.

One of the things we discovered is just how charming and funny Dan and Krista are. (As listeners, we already knew how fun Katy is.) So take a listen, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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