The Method to the Scatter's Madness: Interview with Vocalist Trinell Armour - aka The Mad Scatter

Trinell Armour

Trinell Armour will happily tell you all about how much of a mentor Alicia has been to her, but then Alicia will tell you in turn that, while this may have been the case at first, their relationship now is more of a partnership, with Alicia learning as much from Trinell as the other way around.

In the interview, Alicia recalls how it was Trinell’s humility that first attracted her—that and of course her wonderful singing talent. And that humbleness, I’ve discovered personally, comes alongside a complete lack of artifice. Trinell is one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet, which is ironic in light of how she talks about how she had to create her Mad Scatter persona to help her be comfortable on stage.

Just in the few years I’ve been attending APQ performances, I’ve seen Trinell really coming into her own. She’s always been good enough to make you stop in your tracks, but now she manages to vibe with her bandmates in way that’s truly transcendent.

Trinell Armour and Alicia Pyle

In the interview, we talk about how she first got started in music, how she made the transition to jazz, and how she’s now embarking on a professional music career, complete with her own label. Along the way, she shares lots of memories with Alicia, with whom you’ll be able to tell she enjoys a close friendship.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

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