Social Media and True Success: Interview with Guitarist Nick Bowcott


Nick Bowcott was a founder, “riff writer”, and lead guitarist for the rock band Grim Reaper. He’s toured all over the world and had monstrous success. Once asked if he’d like to be 25 again, he responded, “only if it was 1984 again.”

I was personally interested in talking to Nick about his writing and content marketing. He began writing about music, guitars, and amps for his fellow musicians back when print was the only available medium. So, I wasn’t disappointed when the conversation meandered onto the topic of social media and how it’s changed the industry—along with everything else—over the past couple of decades.

Nick is especially good on the topic of trolls and how young aspiring musicians can deal with them. And I was also delighted to discover he shares the view we have at PyleStyle that social media is best used not to drive any message but rather to amplify the efforts you make in real life. (See our recent articles—available on audio—on the topic of digital marketing for musicians.)

Nick is a treasure trove of great rock stories. But my personal favorite of his anecdotes comes at the very end of the episode, when he answers the question about who is the most successful musician he’s ever known.

We were privileged to have this chance to talk with Nick for so long. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

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Nick’s tattoo of Jim Marshall

Nick’s tattoo of Jim Marshall