A Power beyond Our Realm: Interview with Singer-Songwriter Damon Mitchell

Damon Mitchell

The title of this episode comes from Damon Mitchell’s response to Alicia’s question about why he always has a smile on his face. His answer (at around the 5-minute mark) has a few parts, but they all emphasize the universality and sheer magic of music. This captures something of what it’s like talking to Damon. He has a contagious sense of wonderment and gratitude for the art the works with. On top of that, he’s incredibly talented. His music has been characterized as "A well-crafted cross between The Beatles and Death Cab for Cutie."

Damon strikes another chord (excuse the pun) with us when he talks about how “You make fans one at a time” through personal connections and shared experiences, not through cracking some mysterious marketing code. And he’s putting this insight into practice this Saturday (March 2nd) at C2G for his album release party. (For a preview, check out the video for his single “Elise.”)

It was a real delight talking to this young man—he just makes you want to go out and attend more live music performances. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him to see how his career unfolds.

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Damon Mitchell and Alicia Pyle